We are looking for talented artists to participate in the 2022 Guernsey Street Festival.

Already auditioned in 2021? There is no need to audition again, please contact Lydia to voice your interest in performing in this years event. 

Interested in auditioning?

We have already held our formal auditions for this year, however there may still be space for you. If you are still interested or have a large group please contact Lydia at with the following details:

1. Signed consent form

2. Your audition tape (We transfer or dropbox to us for files over 10MB)

3. Talent classification: Music/Theatre/Magic/Art/Food/Puppetry/Comedy etc.

4. Genre: E.g. for music (pop - artists like Ed Sheerin and Taylor Swift) or for theatre (Shakespearean monologues or comedy improvisation)

5. Set length: How long can you perform for?

6. Kit requirements: Do you have your own and if so do you require mains or are you battery powered?

7. Do you have a Busking License?



Consent form