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A celebration of performance & community Guernsey Street Festival

The Festival will be running for two weeks in the streets of St Peter Port to celebrate all forms of street performance including, but not limited to, music, art, theatre, dance, food and crafts. The Guernsey Street Festival LBG (“GSF LBG”) is a “not-for-profit” organisation committed to the promotion of community spirit, the encouragement and showcasing of local talent, and celebration of visiting artists and street entertainers. We aim to create a platform for performers and artists of all genres, skills and ages to promote themselves to the people of Guernsey and to promote Guernsey to tourists and visitors.

Our mission

To organise and run an annual summer event involving many forms of street performance, including but not limited to music, art, theatre and dance. The Guernsey Street Festival LBG (“GSF LBG”) may also arrange smaller events and activities and collaborate with other like-minded charitable and “not-for-profit” organisations. The main aims of GSF LBG are:- to promote community spirit, encourage and showcase local talent, arrange for non-local artists and street entertainers to perform for the people of Guernsey and to promote Guernsey to tourists and visitors.


Did you know?

Guernsey Street Festival organizes many events and supports various different causes throughout the year to support the arts and activities on the island. Here are some of the things we do throughout the year:

  1. The Guernsey Street Festival - 2 week Festival in St Peter Port for local and visiting artists
  2. Candie Concerts - Free concerts every Sunday from May - September at Candie Gardens
  3. St Peter Port Bunting - We organise the erection and maintenance of the town bunting
  4. Christmas Busking - Creating ambience for late night shopping evenings in December
  5. Christmas Carolling - Bringing cheer to care homes throughout the island in December
  6. Open Day - We have started our open day where we offer free advice from local industry experts for performers
  7. Quiz Nights - Supporting other local arts charities throughout the year
  8. The Street Festival Wrap Up Party - A fantastic party to celebrate the end of the Street Festival

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